Wednesday, 19 December 2018

..and the next night .....

The night after the White Rose Awards I was meant to be in York at the Barbican as I was up for being a finalist for the best accommodation provider which was run by Minster FM - it just happened and no I didn't  nominate myself, but Jacks best friend of 45 years ,Geoff the Butcher had invited us to dinner at the Stapylton Arms in Wass to celebrate his 70th birthday.
there are times when I have to put others before my work and this was one of them .The pub at Wass is one of my favourite eating places too .First we went down to the Fax for a few drinks - tonight I pulled the short straw so no gin for me ,before getting to Wass for 6.30pm . We had great food as always and once you find good things on a menu it is hard to veer from them -9 times out of 10 we eat seafood there and that night was no exception.
It was a relatively early night compared to the night before as both Jack and Geoff are early risers and unable to burn the candle at both ends any more.

Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Awards

A promise to myself I must catch up writing my blogs. November was a very busy and exciting month for me as you will see in the following blogs .It started off with Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Awards which were held in Harrogate. Jack has decided he has done enough of wearing a dickie bow and having to wear shoes that pinch his feet. In my other life of doing marketing for other businesses I had managed to get 3 through to the finals and after Jack made me promise not to go in for them again myself I was kindly invited along by the finalists I had submitted the entries

for. He didn't like the pressure of having to answer /or not answer the telephone. As previously the judges had awarded be 100% for breakfast,welcome and accommodation but scored only 75% when the telephone had been answered -we ll Jack had done his best but on the day his best was good enough.
Move on and drink the gin ... Slingsby Rhubarb gin it is one of my favourites and with partner in drink Catherine Feather we were treated to the biggest glassfuls.
Even the food was very good as usually it is only passable at these large events - we had a miniature ploughmans lunch to begin with followed by lamb cutlets which were delicious.  The puddings was dashes and dabs and jelly type things which didn't seem to go down as well as th e18 bottles of wine on our table ...hey not a drop passed my lips I was very happy with the gin.
I finally walked up our drive at 2.30am as the other party revellers on the table whooped it up util 4.30am I think I am now showing my age

Friday, 16 November 2018

Saturday, 10 November 2018

We will remember them ....

We remember them often ...
And one person here in particular -Billy Buckle who was from Byland Abbey was George Lupton's cousin and also his godfather. He was the gamekeeper on the Newburgh Priory estate and served in the 1st World War alongside Jack Pringle from Wass.
The man in command of them didn't know as much about horses as they did. When their commander said something Jack Pringle soon corrected him and told him straight that it was called the horses withers not some other name he had dreamed up. Before going to war they had to be able to manoeuvre a horse and show they could go round some tin cans that had been put down. They were expect to be able to trot but apparently they galloped round at breakneck speed...

My Jack often tells the tale of when he was young going with his brother and sister to Billy Buckle's to get warmed up in front of the fire on a winter's day and Anna also remembers this countryman , who had two rather large spaniels and going to see him in bed when he wasn't well up the rickety stairs when I was a little girl.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Nunnington Hall... what a gem

So when it is half term and a sunny cold frosty day what do you do with the children.

We all had the most amazing time at Nunnington Hall which is only 6 miles from us. The River Rye runs through the grounds and the gardens are a great

place for children to run off all that extra energy.
The house was decked for Halloween .Nunnington Hall was a lived in home that I passed every day when I went to Malton Grammar School. I remember the Clives living here with their St Bernard when I went to school. Today there seemed to be far more rooms and passageways that what there was back then . It still has very much of a homely feel and I could quite happily pack my bags and move in . A rod in hand sitting on the banks of the Rye fishing for my supper. I remember been told of a ghost -a  lady who walked in the garden. Maybe it is just too beautiful to leave. The children had a great time tying their ribbons to the tree...making memories ,making wishes then running around the garden, lost in a world of make believe and fantasies that are so often missed in the fast world we live in now. This is more how our childhoods were spent. We adults enjoyed a walk around the garden in the sunshine,the serenity and the peacock elegant even though he was missing his tail feathers joined us silently in conversation ...... a marvellous afternoon.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Autumn Life at Carr House Farm,Ampleforth in photos

We have been blessed with an amazing Summer and now an equally perfect Autumn. This collage was kindly made for us by Julie Jones . My favourite of the 3 she has done for us . It is not too late to book a few days away and stay with us and enjoy the fruits of Autumn and enjoy some Yorkshire fresh air . Ring us on 01347 868526 to book your stay. Wake up from the comfort of a 4 poster bed, eat a tasty breakfast before setting off on your search of take photograph just like these.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Finalist for the Mitre Linens' Award


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    The shortlist for the UK’s inaugural Room Attendant of the Year Awards was announced today, with six exceptional finalists selected based upon their impeccable room standards and outstanding dedication to work.
    “Mitre Linen decided to launch and sponsor the Room Attendant of the Year Awards to give well-deserved recognition to the key role room attendants play in the smooth running and guests’ experience of a hotel,” said Mitre Linen’s general manager Kate Gough. “We received dozens of entries from all over the UK and it was extremely difficult to whittle the list down to just six as there were so many excellent potential finalists. On behalf of the team at Mitre Linen, I’d like to congratulate all of those room attendants who made the shortlist and thank everyone who entered.  We now have the very tough task of selecting a winner and runner-up, who will be announced in October.  Luckily, we have Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action on the panel to help and we look forward to reviewing the entries of these amazing six room attendants.”
    The Room Attendant of the Year 2018 shortlist:
    Anna Lupton – Carr House Farm B&B, York
    Erten Azis – Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, Hampshire
    Tadeusz Janeczek – Chilston Park Hotel, Kent
    Maureen Chapman – Kettering Park Hotel & Spa, Northamptonshire
    Carole Kidd – The Woburn Hotel, Bedfordshire
    Rhiannon Stephens – Fields Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Pembrokeshire
    Established in 1946, Mitre Linen is based in Merthyr Tydfil in beautiful Wales.  Having provided the hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare and laundry industries with the best quality bed linen, bedding, towelling and soft furnishings for over 70 years, Mitre Linen is proud to have held HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant since 1955.