Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Flying Over Ampleforth

just 5 minutes by car from us 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

In the spotlight again...

They say things come in 3s.

Firstly it was very nice to be mentioned in an article in the Times by top travel writer Jill Starley-Grainger about Great British Breaks and features the Howardian Hills. Here Jill mentioned us in the Where to stay along with the Feversham Arms in Helmsley . The article read ...Or head over to Carr House Farm in Ampleforth ,a 16th century farmhouse with four-poster beds and flower filled gardens.

Secondly On Friday the Visit York Tourism Awards finalists were announced. We are lucky to have been selected as one of 4 finalists for the Best Bed and Breakfast.The other 3 businesses are in York itself so it will be head to head city versus Countryside.

Thirdly on Saturday Michelle Hurst from Lincolnshire who is the digital editor of the The Journal and the Grimsby Telegraph Saturday Guide mentioned me. With my other hat on as Anna Lupton PR and marketing I had arranged for Michelle to stay at the Fax. I also organised them to eat there and also at the White Swan in Ampleforth, one of our favourite local eating places, to which Michelle wrote" We were told by blogger Anna Lupton who runs award winning Carr House farm bed and breakfast at Ampleforth [ another on the to do list] that the food was very good and it absolutely was".

This week in the run up to Easter life will be no quieter here as the bees really do need to be attended to , we have a litter of Labrador pups due and I am going to be helping with 3 little granddaughters in their school holidays while daddy is busy on the farm. I have to go on a reeky to find the best primroses as the youngest one is 3. I think she will have more energy to walk over the fields than me she can certainly climb over a 5 bar gate quicker.

and maybe make some chocolate nest with little eggs in .

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Monday, 6 March 2017

Sunday Morning Breakfast

A half eaten breakfast you say from the photo, as the fried bread had already  had a nibble out of it. I had just cooked breakfast for my French guests on Sunday morning -or should I say un petit dejeuner when the whole family were in raptures about it taking photos. You must take one too they said as all too often as I carry the breakfasts through to the dining room do I think I should have taken a  photo .I am more bothered about getting it to the table hot and havent time to take a photo. My camera was to hand so I snapped one and then another after the breakfast had been tackled.  I think the empty plate says it all ....et Papa had an extra slice of black pudding too .

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Jack always says you shouldn't have to do anything special on Valentine's Day to prove you love someone .Is that a very true statement or is it because he doesn't want to buy a card. Well I always join the multitudes and find a card which I think suits us.

We had planned to go out with a couple of friends who we hadnt seen for a while and Tuesday was the only night we could all fit it in so a night out on Valentine's Day it was.

It is 11 years since we went to New Zealand on the 14th Feb and only after I was looking through the photographs later that I realised I had worn the same jacket as I did when we did that long long flight to the other side of the world.

We went to Manchega in Ripon which is run by the lovely Magdalena who also owns Pampas just outside Sutton On Forest ,where we have had many a good meal.  They serve delicious steaks and Magdalena promised to take one over Ripon for Jack. Talk about being spoilt.  He did very well as it was cooked rare to perfection and although I enjoyed the tapas, the squid was very good but prefer the food they serve at Pampas.

We walked across the market place at ten past nine and if I had realised what time it was we could have rushed a bit to let our friends listen to the Hornblower .Of course it wasn't George Pickles Mr Ripon Hornblower Extraodanaire but the Hornblower saw us and bid us goodnight.