Thursday, 16 October 2014

Finalist in Brand Yorkshire

Last week I made a trip over to Harrogate. It was to the Brand Yorkshire awards in which we were finalists. It was run by Ten Fathoms, Donna[photo] greeted Rob Vickerman and myself. Rob in a rugby player although I did comment to him I thought rugby players were stockier than him. He looked more like one of todays football players. There were lots of businesses to meet from across Yorkshire. We both came away with a £100 voucher and a bottle of red wine which will go down well at a later date. After entering the competition, we were shortlisted and then were telephone interviewed by the boss of Brand Yorkshire. The people that won it were late on arriving and called Green Pea Soultions. When I read up about them later I thought I had done very well to get as far as I had done.

Men in red coats

We got a telephone call last week, our friend Jim Davison who used to own the village pub said bring the camera. It is always good to catch up with Jim and Wendy .We go back a long way .On Jack's 49th birthday Jim took Jack and a group of friends to London and they had lunch at Scotland Yard. It had been a great day out and had sung all the way hom on the train. Jack was still singing as he can up the yard at College Farm at well past midnight.This time Jim was out with the boys. The boys were in fact 6 of the famous Chelsea Pensioners. Their medals gleamed and so did their boots. Jim has a big heart and along with some more guys treat the Chelsea Pensioners to a 3 days break here in Yorkshire. The day we met up with them they had been on the steam railways from Pickering to Whitby .They had had fish and chips and a look round before starting their pub crawl back to base . It was a delight and honour to meet them.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Autumn is on the way

If you go for a stroll up behind the house you can always take one of Jack dogs with you for company. The leaves are now starting to change colour and there is that autumn smell in the air. And perhaps you will find a mushroom as big as this one

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Now we can talk about it

BBC Countryfile was on TV tonight.We were very impressed with Byland Abbey standing out in all its glory, which is only just down the road from us. We had the Countryfile team here for about 4 hours filming the piece about Tricia Hutchinson with the help of Helen Skelton dying the sheeps wool.My Dad was disappointed they did not mention us and the woods, but I knew it would be a hard match to get it mentioned as they said No publicity . My eagle eyes spotted the roof of our house and the chimney as the girls walked up through the wood. What was brilliant for us I thought was, the sheep dog trials as it showed lots of shots and minutes and minutes of coverage of our new wedding reception venue spot.It was the back drop for much of the filming and as the woods came down to the field in the distance on the left hand side this is where we reckon is one of the best views in North Yorkshire .It showed it perfectly so thank you to those who did the filming. My Dad always said if there was two ways to skin a cat I would find them. -This is a saying not something that I intend to do physically. The film crew were great and Helen Skelton was a lovely chatty lady.The young Irish competitor stayed here so I reckon it was my breakfast that put him on the right road for the day. It is all over now and I would just like to extend thanks to Susan Briggs of Tourismknowhow for coming up with the idea of the sheep and Catriona McLees for instrumenting the project. On to the next project girls .... Here are a few photos I managed to sneak past the researcher

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Going to Scotland today

My Dad and I set off early this morning to St Boswells. This is a yearly affair as we go to buy gimmer lambs. This year was much the same as any other. but with the voting going on I was not sure if we would get back or not .So I took my passport. At the border there was a Scotch man dressed in his kilt with the bagpipes. I dont know if he was called Donald he didnt stay longer enough for me to ask.It was quite windy and guess he would have been happier in his troooousers, along with some Japanese people and their cameras .I guessed the latter were tourists and asked if they were here on holiday. No, came the reply they were come over to film the coverage for the voting. My Dad is wise beyond his years said where has the saying gone."United we stand,divided we fall" Tomorrow we will here the outcome .Hopefully the sheep we bought up there today will get here without a passport but I took mine just incase.

Carr House Farm Bed and Breakfast-Our Garden where flowers and weeds gro...

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Native American Blog: Essiac: Nature's Cure for Cancer

Native American Blog: Essiac: Nature's Cure for Cancer: Note: While this article states that Essiac has been in use since 1922 - in actuality it has been in use for many hundreds of years by the...

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