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Within 30 minutes drive from us is


A North Yorkshire gem, is as old as it is pretty . Highlights include the village green (complete with ancient stocks), a stunning thatched stone cottage beside the beck you may recognise from chocolate box or biscuit box tops and has been known to be featured in jigsaw. The Grade 2 listed church, overlooking the village and the stream as it travels passed the mill and is a playground for a lots of ducks ,
You can always get a ice cream at Baldersons or a cup fo tea in the tea room there. 
If you are interested in old cars you will be in your element as there are regular auctions in the village and you might just beMap from Ampleforth, York YO62 4DU to Thornton Dale, Pickering

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What a enjoyable way ...

.. to spend part of my Sunday afternoon at the home of artist Stephen Guyon-Bird who lives with his lovely wife Elaine. How welcoming they were, I could have stopped all day as to see Stephen's work was so fascinating . Also it was a trip down memory lane as I spent many hours playing here as a children and very little seems to have changed.  They live at Coram Cottage in Ampleforth ,former home of Peter Walker who wrote the "Heartbeat "books.
It was Open Studios in North Yorkshire last weekend and this. Let me explain or in Stephens words which are better than mine [ his words are in green below ] My take on them in laymans terms would be some works verged on steam punk with an edge of Cezanne to them .
They are busy,so much detail. Turn Closing Time on its side and the drunk man under the table now  now stands upright as the woman doing handstands on the table immediately turns into the one laid on the floor, it is so clever. The other favourite of mine is The Fall - a modern day Adam and Eve with a plate of apples as if the fowl coming in as if to be fed before in turn are dressed for the table.
 I came away proudly clutching 5 postcards

SG Bird is a full time artist. Narrative allegorical paintings explore the realignment of archetypal imagery in an agnostic and fragmented world. Themes include the tragedy and comedy of village life, paradoxes in the heritage industry, the absurdities of the rural idyll. The work is underpinned by observational drawing as a challenge and alternative to lens based digital imagery and mechanical imitative naturalism. The wish is never to underestimate the interpretive powers of the audience. Life is dark but also funny.

I hope when you come to stay with us you will take time to visit Stephen and his amazing art work.

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Around Castle Howard

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196 and a half years - 2 legends celebrate

It isn't every day you get invited to a 100th birthday party in fact I have never been as lucky to go to one before but Raymond Whitwell kindly invited my father who is "nor but a spring chicken' compared to Raymond -father is 96 and a half  and myself .There was a card from HM Queen Elizabeth and one from Amber Rudd and another from the forces
Raymond  lives in Malton, marked the occasion with a party for friends and family.  He looked a bobby dazzler with his pink tie and  handkerchief to match. Born in Rillington, Mr Whitwell moved to Scampston when he was a year old. He left school at 15 and got a job as an errand boy at G Longster and Sons in Malton. He was called up to the army in September 1939 at the age of 20 and was sent to France with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) before moving to Belgium as the German advance began.
Mr Whitwell returned to Malton and opened his own shop in Castlegate as well as running several market stalls until he retired aged 90. I have known him since I was a little girl and my Dad used to sell him holly at Christmas time for making wreaths 
Mr Whitwell said one of his secret to a long life was eating honey. Both Raymond and my Dad tucked into great plates of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings before topping off with puddings too .All too soon it was time to say good bye. 


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Always something happening...what was it today .

Life is never dull here .There is always something going on and you  never know what it is going to be . The magic of seeing little baby quail hatching out ,to find wild violets in the hedgerows .
  Today I got to see these 4 silver Roman coins which date back around 2,000 years.  The amazing thing was that all 4 coins have different Emperors heads on so they are now classed as a hoard . So I was quickly out with my metal detector to see if I could find anymore. ...Sorry I forgot to say they were found on our land .

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Proud to be part of The English National Park Experience Collection

The English National Park Experience Collection

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