Wednesday 14 July 2010

Raspbery Jam..

I have a busy morning as well as making raspberry jam I decided to make a video of it to show you how easy it is to make . The jam came out fine but unfortunately I didn't have much light on what I was doing and so all you would get would be a running commentary and nothing to see. So you will have to take my word for it within the hour I have make 8lbs of raspberry jam,got a hungry husband his lunch and made and roiled a Swiss roll for my Dad and filled it with raspberry jam, not that it would win in a show as it is not neat enough but I couldn't roll it in sugar and greaseproof paper as we are having to watch what my dad can eat.Jack has already a slice with no complaints. Also I have one very sticky camera.
I see we are on our last jar of piccalilli so hope the beans will soon be ready as I make large quantities of pickles. The biggest batch I made was 28lbs in one go -needless top say I couldn't face eating it for months. The fruit and vegetables are doing really well in the garden despite not having the rain I am trying to grow an olive tree but it is taking such a long time to grow -any tips would be appreciated.