Thursday 13 January 2011

Back to the Drawing Board with Susan Briggs

Attended a presentation by Susan Briggs on Tuesday at Knaresborough at Conyngham Hall. It was good to meet new and interesting faces, getting away from the paintbrushes of the last week. Had a chat with Jane Baker from Yore Vision and Penny Hartley from the Ripon Museum trust who runs 3 museums.Poor girl how she keeps all the people connected with running the trust I will never know.There was a man who told us his self catering cottages had ghosts in them . Hopefully they just appear to order. I would like to have spoken to Louise Reed from the Swaledale Cheese co.It was crack on and try to take in all the new information ,trends and technology for 2011. This course is one of 3,the next been at Northallerton.I made endless little notes and squiggles on my notepad. It will probably take me a week to decipher them.

C18th Conyngham Hall is a wonderful example of John Carr's work.

Susan Briggs kept up her reputation as delivering a first class presentation. We are very lucky to have Susan to teach us. She is so passionate about her work. Susan's enthusiasm soon starts to rub off on all she speaks to.