Wednesday 26 October 2011

Crack shot at 89

No wonder my Dad was looking so happy today. He works hard but today he was having a day off. With his family and friends around him who could blame him at 89. Wise as an owl, as cute as an old dog fox he still has the eye of an hawk. On the first drive of the shoot today who shot the first pheasant of the day?. My Dad of course. and he got an equally good one in the afternoon. As one fellow shooter said he just creams them off. He makes it looks so easy . It was a perfect day -the weather was glorious and the company was good. The tales and stories being told makes the day. A lot of hard work goes into a day like this . All do their part and none more so than my Jack. I am so proud of him as although he has a bad heel he worked and walked with his dogs all day. He had with him Tara and Rollo the yellow Labradors. The little black cocker spaniels are Peg and Troy.They all worked so hard. For me it was nice to be out to enjoy our country way of life and look after Sue and Dave from Cornwall who have never been on a shoot before.