Sunday 4 December 2011

Our kitty pussies

We did not expect to have any feline additions. We already have Duchess- born the day HRH Charles and Camilla got married. She is a big hit with cat loving guests. With all our dogs Duchess still rules the roost. Then Joyce said she had 4 orphan kittens so as one was a tortoise shell in colour I was tempted to get one for my mum and got another to keep her company. They were so tiny and had just got their eyes open. I have never taken any photos of them as I didn't think they would survive. Not as easy to look after as a pup they clawed and bite the hand that feed them -that was mine. They were so tiny they could get through a 2inch sq mesh. 4 months later and I have taken the first photos of them. Jack isn't into cats "can't do with them" he says. Enter Geronimo the black/grey one with little white toes and Mini Ha Ha the pretty little tortoise shell. Here you see Geronimo half asleep on Jacks arm.I think they will be staying here.