Sunday 5 February 2012

We had sausages

Charles Ashbridge runs Taste Traditions with his mum Joyce. They were generous and supported us with cocktail sausages for the YAA event a couple of weeks ago. I went to another function last week and they were again on the menu. They went down very well. Charlie as our Nicholas would call him as they are know to enjoy shooting days together during the season started the business back in 2004 but had his own pigs back when he was only 6 years old..He uses rare breeds and farms like his Granddad did in the "good old days".Gloucester Spots,Oxford,Sandy Balcks and Berkshire are some of the breeds that he rears. He has an unit down in Thirsk and not only do they produce delicious sausages but suckling pig and porchetta too. You will find everything about this enterprising young man and his team on