Friday 16 March 2012

Lots of new brochures

Wednesday was the leaflet pick up day at Thirsk Auction Market. I arrived in good time as it is such a popular event that if you go later on all the brochures have gone. the Welcome to Yorkshire girls were there to welcome us and Sarah Barrowby as usual was rushed off her feet. It was good to see all the staff were dressed up warmly as it isn't the place for flimsy tops and flip flops. I think the most delightful stand must got to the Harrogate Spring Flower Show which is held in April..They had posters and brochures with Monet like colours on, very appealing and a taste of what is in store. It is top of my must things to go to this year.Sam and Ian were there to promote our Herriot group. Also there is a photo of the lady from the treasure houses of Yorkshire. There is also a chocolate attraction opening up in York very shortly which is a must for chocolate lovers