Sunday 24 March 2013

Leeds Market

My Dad had always talked about going to Leeds market .They used to go for a walk around when they went to see the pantomime. Now I guess this was at least 70 years ago. So when I got home he quite understood my enthusiasm for what we saw at the market. With it being very multicultural there were fruit,flowers,fish and meat I had never seen before. I managed to track down some sweetbreads which you rarely see now a days. Willie McCauley was so envious when I told him that I had found some I promised him on my next trip to buy him some.On the same stall there were hens feet,halves of pigs heads and even lungs -not sure what the latter are used for. Moving to the fish avenue the show was amazing.From Whitby and Cornwall to far away places like Mexico. The fruit was amazing too lots of exotics as well as spices and then to finish we went to the flower stalls.It makes you want to have a big party just to share it with everyone you know. Everything was so clean and the stall holder so friendly I will certainly be going again. Guests can either drive or get the train in just over an hour to Leeds. I guess they will be amazed too.