Wednesday 13 November 2013

Big Decisions at the Star Inn the City

From East,West and North we do roam. Wanting glitzy food without any foam. A treat for us three was in store. We realised this as soon as we walked through the door. I promise not to give up my day job. This is a yearly ritual for Katrina from The Wold Cottage ,Christine Ryder from Scaife Hall Farm and myself to meet up for lunch and put the world to rights. This time our date led us to the newly opened Star Inn the City. Sister eating and watering hole to the Star at Harome. Here it opens at 8am and has an all day menu that goes through nearly until the bewitching hour. Tucked away at the side of Museum gardens in York -this is an ideal place to go for a quick drink, a snack ,a long drink a leisurely lunch, a few drinks or a dinner in the evening. It dots all the "I"s and crosses all the "T"s. We were served by the amazing Annie. She was helpful and cheerful and probably one of the nicest waitresses I have come across for a long time. So sorry Annie but when I recommend people to venture through Mr Pern's door I will tell them to ask for an "Annie table". Three hours went all too quickly. The food was delicious ,the ambience good and even Helga nailed to the door at the top of the stair case showed how much effort has gone into it being my sort of place. My only moan was the fact I didn't get around to trying one of the many cocktails on offer.It was the Museum Garden Martini which appealed to me -the one who hardly ever drink - Scotch,Benedictine,Coffee Cream and hazelnut Liqueur ....The Squirrel's Nuts. maybe next time I take the bus.