Friday 26 June 2015

Finalist in 2015 White Rose Awards

We have just heard we have been chosen as finalists of the Welcome to Yorkshire prestigious White Rose Awards for 2015. It is very exciting and in my old age I went quite wobbly. I mentioned being wobbly on twitter and I think it nearly started trending. Up to now we don't know where the awards ceremony will take place or when. We will have to be patient until this is announced but know from attending past events that it will be a glitzy night. Thank you to all family,friends and customers who have supported me every step of the way to getting this far. The photo below was taken on my birthday earlier this week. With 3 special people in my life- Mum ,dad and son Nicholas .The 4th special person is behind the camera- Jack. Dinner , we have dinner at dinner time which means 12 noon for Yorkshire farmers. What better than 3 ribs of rare roast beef with my Dad's home grown potatoes and mothers homemade mint sauce. The roses are out of my Dad's garden too .