Monday, 3 July 2017

Breakfast at Tiffany's -Give me Betty's any day

Well Audrey Hepburn might have brought Breakfast At Tiffany's to mind, but it was Breakfast at Betty's of Harrogate for me and on my birthday too.

  A kind invitation for Betty's took me to Harrogate as they were holding a network breakfast meeting and afterwards a cookery demonstration. Food has always featured highly in my 61 years after at a week old I wasn't pacified with a regular quota of Oster bottle milk. So my Dad took the situation in hand- doubled the strength and the volume to shut me up. 
It was a lovely drive over to Harrogate , I parked up and walked through the beautiful Valley Gardens in time to get to Betty's for 8am. 

Warmly greeted and ushered to the Imperial Room in Betty's. We were treated to a delicious breakfast of skewers of fresh fruit ,toasted bacon buns and finished off with pain de chocolat. 

One of the first people I spied was Olivia Brabbs ,complete with camera. Knowing Olivia now for many years

I guess Betty's will have ended up with some very good shots of the occasion. 

All too soon we were been asked to join one of Betty's chefs who gave a demonstration on how to cook the perfect Betty's Rosti. All I can say is next time I have chance to go to eat there this will be top of my order.

As always the staff ,the surrounds and the dateless elegance make Betty's. No wonder it is world renown. A couple of days later my Australian guests were heading to the York branch as someone had given them a wedding voucher and needless to say they loved it 

Thank you to All the Team at Betty's for making my birthday special.