Sunday, 29 April 2018

Sunday evenings are Pizza Evenings at the Grapes...

....and occasionally on other evenings. Word has spread that these pizzas are amazing, they are so fresh and tasty, not like some of the cardboard rubbish you can come across.

You can either eat the pizzas in or bring them home .

Here you see the landlord as chief pizza-maker and the lovely landlady sat in her famous chair ,which had previously belonged to Queen Victoria . It was featured on last Sundays Antique Roadshow which was at Castle Howard. We spied a few people queuing up that we knew and saw Blenkers waiting patiently too.

This week I managed to get my pizza home to take a photo before it was eaten on the way !

The Grapes is in Slingsby just 3 miles from Castle Howard so makes a great change to visit a pub every now and again a bit further from home.
The Grapes is a pub with many little rooms and is very popular with locals as well as passerby too.

 The Grapes Inn is an authentic spot to cosy up by the fire or enjoy the sunshine.
“Everyone is welcome whether you’re a farmer in your wellies, someone walking the dog who fancies a drink or a group of girls dressed up for a great night out.” – Catharine Spooner, landlady