Thursday 1 November 2018

Nunnington Hall... what a gem

So when it is half term and a sunny cold frosty day what do you do with the children.

We all had the most amazing time at Nunnington Hall which is only 6 miles from us. The River Rye runs through the grounds and the gardens are a great

place for children to run off all that extra energy.
The house was decked for Halloween .Nunnington Hall was a lived in home that I passed every day when I went to Malton Grammar School. I remember the Clives living here with their St Bernard when I went to school. Today there seemed to be far more rooms and passageways that what there was back then . It still has very much of a homely feel and I could quite happily pack my bags and move in . A rod in hand sitting on the banks of the Rye fishing for my supper. I remember been told of a ghost -a  lady who walked in the garden. Maybe it is just too beautiful to leave. The children had a great time tying their ribbons to the tree...making memories ,making wishes then running around the garden, lost in a world of make believe and fantasies that are so often missed in the fast world we live in now. This is more how our childhoods were spent. We adults enjoyed a walk around the garden in the sunshine,the serenity and the peacock elegant even though he was missing his tail feathers joined us silently in conversation ...... a marvellous afternoon.