Wednesday 19 December 2018

..and the next night .....

The night after the White Rose Awards I was meant to be in York at the Barbican as I was up for being a finalist for the best accommodation provider which was run by Minster FM - it just happened and no I didn't  nominate myself, but Jacks best friend of 45 years ,Geoff the Butcher had invited us to dinner at the Stapylton Arms in Wass to celebrate his 70th birthday.
there are times when I have to put others before my work and this was one of them .The pub at Wass is one of my favourite eating places too .First we went down to the Fax for a few drinks - tonight I pulled the short straw so no gin for me ,before getting to Wass for 6.30pm . We had great food as always and once you find good things on a menu it is hard to veer from them -9 times out of 10 we eat seafood there and that night was no exception.
It was a relatively early night compared to the night before as both Jack and Geoff are early risers and unable to burn the candle at both ends any more.