Sunday, 30 May 2021

30 years where has that gone.

On the wall in my Dads kitchen is a cross-stitch I did back in 1991 that was 30 years ago. Nicholas was 11, he now has a daughter that age ! I thought I would show you it, so you could read the words. I feel it is very apt as today for our Sunday dinner we had everything home grown...the lamb, the new potatoes out of the greenhouse, peas from last year's crop out of the freezer. And homemade mint sauce. I made stacks of it last year as everyone was doing crazy things in lockdown and reckon I have enough to feed an army for the next ten years. My Dad and I went down to his greenhouse to pull up a root of potaotes for todays meal and then I was weeding the few strawberries he has in there too .The rest are outside in a raised bed. My Dad made it for my mum years ago,so she didnt have to bend down as she had a bad back. Believe it or not as there is no photo to prove it. As I pulled the weeds up I found 2 strawberries fit for eating.It was such a shock to get them this early. We had one a piece and the evidence was swallowed before I thought to take a photo. They were warm from the sun and very sweet. My dad loves gardening whereas I on the other hand think it is a toil of a pleasure but when you get rewards like this is makes it feel worth while.