Monday 1 May 2023

May Day 2023

I really must get back into my writing blogs as there is so much happening around here for you all to know about. I think I will write about that and then something else waylays me. I thought I would get an early start.It isnt quite 4 in the morning as the song goes.It is 20 to 5am but I wanted to be up to record some bird morning chorus. I can hear them even though the door is shut.It isnt quite day break but obviously the birds wanting to make an impression on finding a mate so they are up and about. I dont normally go out on the road on a Sunday - too many Sunday drivers for me, but with the temptation of free entrance into Nunnington Hall which is less than 6 miles away and takes about 10 minutes I decided to take up the invitation. The car park was pretty full so I wasnt the only one who knew about the Open Day. I was greeted at the gate by who I understood to be a volunteer - he was so keen and eager at his role he ran to find me a park waving and smiling as he went about his duty. I met other volunteers who were all as helpful and friendly .I just hope the National Trust give them a nice Christmas present as they do all this for free and I have noticed how large some of the wages of jobs advertised are for such places .Anyway enough of the politics of life and on to the joys that Nunnington holds. Nunnington is a lovely village built on a hillside which slopes down to the River Rye. Mellow stone cottages with pantiled roof tiles ,all very well kept .You can tell it was once an "Estate" village.I have come here since I was a child as the school bus brought us round this way every day.And then in later year when I was hairdressing I used to come to some of the ladies in the village. One time I was up at Mrs Tate when Prince Charles came into the yard. He was joining the Sinnington and one of the two men he was with, ask if we had seen the hounds anywhere.They bide us Good Morning and we watched them ride off from the kitchen window. Prince Charles as he was then, wore a Royal blue hunting jacket with gold buttons.That would be nearly 50 years ago. The gardens at Nunnington Hall are nicer than they used to be and it has exhibitions that change each year in the rooms at the top of the house.The minature rooms of the Carlyle Collection are still there. It was intersting to see so may people taking their time to look at the minature. Ladies looking at the rooms ,while the menfolk were more intersted in the tiny works of art of the carving of gardening tools and the shoemakers tools of trade. Rooms in minature we have to remember -not dolls house rooms but still I think it would be a very lucky child that got a dolls house full like this.