Monday 5 June 2023

Byland Abbey and a Full Moon

The Full Moon in June is called the Strawberry Moon and as my strawberries are filling out just wanting that extra hours of light to ripen you can see how this June's full moon gets its name. Nothing is better than a wander around Byland Abbey on a Summer's night in June with the moon to light you way. Not quite as balmy as one would like as we are experience very hot days, but then nearly a frost at night . It is more like weather temperatures you would expect in the Sahara and not in North Yorkshire. Impressive remains can still be seen including the lower half of a huge rose window which was said to be the inspiration for the same window at York Minster An interesting feature is the preservation of some of the brightly coloured medieval floor tiles. and of course it is our favourite Abbey as only 15 minutes walk from our house and can be seen over the fields from our farm land. Jack always says it has the best cricket pitch in Yorkshire as it was were all the local children have played here over the years .And as the years go by my Grandchildren enjoy going and sometimes take a picnic with them .