Sunday 21 February 2010

Vogue -the posh magazine

I was thrilled the other morning to open the post and find a Vogue glossy. It had been sent to me by a kind lady guest who thought I might enjoy.As I flickered through the pages remembering what life was like when I was young -hundreds of years ago . I came across a familiar face. It was George Craig now a face for Burberry. There he was posing with the young lady of Harry Potter fame,Emma Watson. It doesn't seem two minutes ago that George when he was about 7 used to come to our house with his mum Louise and eat Yorkshire puddings as if he was doing it for England. He is now in a band called -now I must get this right -One Night Only -I keep saying One night stand - who have even had a no 1 hit. I am so pleased for Louise that he is doing well. It isn't often I see her these days but occasionally pop into her shop in Helmsley -Genevieve which sell the most amazing clothes to catch up with the news .She told me ages ago George had been asked to go to Burberry for a photo shoot.So this is what it was all about.