Saturday, 15 May 2010

We have Wifi....

Another thing off the tick list is that we can now offer visitors Wifi throughout the premises. Visitors need not worry about where to go to find an internet cafe to read their emails you can get them here just bring your laptop with you. Also for visitors from abroad we have a net book so that you need not think to bring the extra weight of your laptop.Shaun from Electratec in Easingwold has fixed us up with a system which has powerline wireless range extender,all you have to do is ask for a router!!! I am still learning ....Shaun makes it sound so simple probably it is me who is getting older and am not that technically minded but still can bake a good cake.
That is where I am off now as Little Owen really liked his Granddads birthday cake and as he is coming up to ride a donkey today I am going to make him one all of his own.