Thursday 30 June 2011

Are Diamonds really a girls best friend.....

I reckon its the man who buys you them that is.Jack has bought me diamonds... But there are things money doesnt buy. This is just to say a big thank you to Jack for all the hard work he does around here to make my life easier besides looking after his dogs. Please dont blush dear husband. He has been busy leading sand and gravel and digging up bag fulls of clay in the siting of this new water tank. So many people comment on the garden -I just buy the plants. It is Jack who digs them in and cuts the grass and waters the pots and cuts the hedge and...the list is endless. He is the one who in winter never misses feeding the birds. Visitors are amazed at the variety we have here.Someone reckoned on over 30 different ones they had seen. If they weren't feed through the winter they wouldn't survive to sing their song in the summer.As we have lots of puppies which need regular feeds during the day I couldn't get him away to Scarborough with me. I was lucky that the man at Mollie Malone's on the seas front was so accommodating.He was just locking up as I wanted to buy a crab to bring back as they are a favourite of Jacks .He kindly opened up and even pulled out a tray to let me choose which I wanted. I said I would give them a mention on my blog so he went back to put the lights on for me. Susan told me they also own the Tea shop on the corner just before you go on Marine Drive. Sorry I didnt catch your name but thank you -Jack enjoyed the crab very much. As I mentioned in my previous post Susan and I went on the beach and like kids we were remissing of sandcastles etc. My dad used to build really good ones with moats and towers and pebbles and shells for decorations. I wrote this in the sand for Jack and took a photo.He was in bed when I got home as he gets up mega early about 4.15am so I printed my sand art when I got home and put it on the table for him to see.It was at his place at the table when he had his breakfast.Maybe I am

old but am still young at heart.x