Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Broccoli soup

As you will know by now my Dad is a keen gardener. My mother despairs that he grows so much and they cant eat it all .So they end up giving a lot of it away. Talk about 5 vegetables a day,I think at Wass Grange it's nearer 10.My mum cant cope with waste and my dad doesn't like to run out. They have survived nearly 57 of married bliss so they must agree on most things. He is happy to feed the residue of his garden to the pheasants.My mother thinks all is for human consumption. So tonight when I went over to get some rhubarb for guests breakfast I brought 4 huge broccoli back. Jamie Oliver ,James Martin -how I like their straight forward no messing recipes. I browsed a few here and there and they are basically all the same .So out with the pans.Broccoli in my jam pan,onion, garlic and seasons sweating in another and a pan of potatoes to thicken the soup in another. Milk and grated cheese and a pot of cream at the ready.We don't do creme fraiche here. Pour,knowing me it will be skell- a better Yorkshire word for my actions, into the liquidiser.Tomorrow we will all be having soup for lunch.No need to guess what sort. You will see I have also made one of my huge sponge cakes which is sat on the top of the Aga as I had just taken it out of the oven. This is for a special little girl -all will be revealed tomorrow.