Friday, 5 August 2011

Cricket week at Ampleforth College

What a glorious setting for cricket matches.The Abbey church in the background. The children who go to Ampleforth College have gone home for their summer holidays.Now the grounds and facilities are lent to the "up and coming" Ian Bothams of the cricket world. I had parents staying from Nottingham,London and Bedfordshire. Also playing were Durham and Yorkshire.They come to watch their children play on these superb pitches. Fortunately the weather only stopped play for a short time on the 3rd day. All I will say is the boys all looked very smart in their cricket whites.I don't know all the right terms for the sport I will stop there. I just nipped down for a few minutes to take a couple of photos for my blog and blow me the battery went dead.The groundsmen work really hard to get these pitches in first class condition. John Wilkie who lives in the village is the head groundsman. I spied Geoff Thrower too- he is more famous if people had taken notice of him .They would have realised that JK Rowling had got her inspiration to create the character Hagrid,who was featured in the Harry Potter books from Geoff. I have just got an email from a mum thanking me for having them stay and saying Notts had won. -Yorkshire was probably just having a bad day !