Wednesday, 9 May 2012

One Night Only

At my age I couldn't cope with two nights out on the town. Very rarely do I ever go into York in the evenings.This was an exception my friend,Louise's two sons play in a band. Their group is called One Night Only. George is the lead singer while
James is the drummer. They formed their group when they were at school 7 plus years ago with 3 other local lads. They have gone from strength to strength. They are big in Brazil,have a great following in Japan and are forever jetting off to play around the world. A far cry from when they used to come to have Yorkshire puddings here. They are still polite young lads and it is hard to believe they are where they are today. We met for a bit to eat at Louise and Richard's home first,before 40 family and friends went in convoy into York. Glad it was quite dark once we got inside so they couldn't see this rock chick was more like an old battery hen. I managed to get right up to the barrier at the front and mingle with the young screaming girls . I got quite a few good pictures,getting some of their songs on video .Just as it was getting to when they were starting on their new single-"Long time coming" a girl swayed into me . Then she swayed again. What a time to keel over but she did. Nobody was going to her aid, I stuffed my camera into my pocket, hoisted her up by her shoulders and dragged her through the crowd. Probably 12 -15 deep .I just grabbed hold of her as if she was a sheep I have handled a lot of sheep in my time... I got her to the bar and threw her over the counter to get her head was lower. Then the cavalry in the form of a bouncer arrived. By the time I left her, gasping into the fresh air outside, I had missed the record. Has anyone ever know me lead a quiet life