Saturday 26 May 2012

Rods,Reels and Fish Hooks.....

Then you need weights and bait. Live bait -lugworms,ragworms and I think any other sort of worm you can find that wriggle and preferably doesnt bite. For those who know me well I am always coming up with a new idea -some more scatterbrain that another.We were in New Zealand 6 years ago watching people fish for their supper, the idea has stuck with me. How often I have gone ar
ound the Marine Drive at Scarborough and watched the men fishing over the railings. Men fishing ...well I decided to change all that -enter fisherwoman. Google is a marvellous thing, this is how I found the very patient and generous Bill Coshin. He is up a tiny street at the back of the main seafront in Scarborough. I was like a kid in a candy shop. There was such an amazing array of fishing tackle. 20 minutes later I left clutching my new rod with reel kindly fixed on. Susan, my friend, used to dress crabs for pocket money I was sure she would know where we would go from here to get our first catch.Unfortunately she didn't but hay ho with the "bit between my teeth" there would be no stopping me now.