Monday 3 December 2012

Christmas shopping with the tinies

Friday morning was very frosty and the roads were like glass
. It didn't not deter us 4 girls going to do our early Christmas shopping. Rubi-Sue is now 3 and Martha is 1. So here you see them with their mum Claire. Talk about double decker buses-this is a double decker pushchair. I did a bit of steering but actually it is easier to drive a tractor with a 4 furrow reversible plough. Negotiating around people and display rails ...We stopped for lunch but Rubi-Sue was wanting to get back to the farm as new little piggies were arriving. Mention piggies to Martha and she cracks a smile too. Laura Ashley's turned up trumps to having the best deals and nicest clothes for the girls.We will wait until Monsoon starts their sale...Now they have been packed off for Santa Claus to deliver on Christmas Eve.