Monday 28 January 2013

When winter turns to Spring

Well January is more or less over and the snow is disappearing as quickly as it came. We have been feeding the little birds constantly as the autumn didn't bring the usual winter feed of hips and haws and other berries. And now we have it Spring must be on the way the bulbs are starting to peep out.,although they have a long way to go.Here you see the sheep getting a supplement to their feed when there is only snow and winter grass
to eat We haven't started lambing yet but that will come shortly and with 2 little shepherdesses now living on the farm Rubi-Sue 3 and Martha 1 will be excited to see the lambs arrive. I have been told I was under five when I used to go to check on the sheep by myself. When the men folk where busy milking I run back shouting "Fireman Fred ,come quick". That was to my uncle as another sheep was pushing her babies into the world.It was no big deal and at least living on a farm there is not much explaining to do about the birds and the bees.We have a family coming from California in march when we will be right in the middle of lambing .Although their children a lot older I guess it will be an experience they never forget.