Sunday, 3 February 2013

Katrina called it Landladies Lunch

After having all the winter blues it was nice to receive an email headed Landladies Lunch and bring the husband. Kind Invitation from Katrina and Derek Gary of The Wold Cottage at Wold Newton. We started off at their beach chalet which is next to ours at Filey. The weather was good for the time of year.There we were to have coffee before going back to the Wold Cottage for lunch . The coffee turned out to be port. Jack who rarely misses going out on a Sunday lunchtime to the pub was well impressed at such a start.We bid Filey Au Revoir - we must keep practising our French as Le Tour de France will be here in 2014. We headed across Hockney countryside to get to the house. Not quite as colourful as Hockney's painting are but then it is winter. Lunch was a feast as you can well imagine .The Younger Grays live in Dubai and I guess this set the idea of the menu. Delightful Oriental chicken that was so tender it just broke with a fork ,a medley of baby vegetables in a sauce which was more Dubai than Yorkshire and salmon with an interesting crust again with a touch or the orient to it -very tasty -cooked to perfection.Puddings, desserts,sweets whatever you like to call them it didn't matter .There was a big big selection.No diets today girls. Then Katrina took me for a tour of the house. Very impressive bedrooms and touches that Katrina Gray could only do -stamping her personality into each .She is currently updating and revamping as we all try to do at this time of year.One of the bathroom is amazing .So amazing that I pulled Jack from his comfy throne in the lounge to give him a tour. We had a lovely lovely few hours at the coast and in the Wolds.We thank the Grays so much for our invite and hope to see them again at our beach chalets soon. I chauffeured and my passenger said as we were getting closer to home "Aye it was a grand day but I am glad to be back into the hills". And then off he was off to let his dogs out.You would have thought he hadn't seen them for a week.Here you see Katrina busy in her kitchen.The temptation of the
sweets .Katrina with Jack in the hall just before we left. P.S. Katrina I forgot to sya wow I love your top.Lady of many talents, did you knit it?