Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A busy bee day

It was time to check on the bees again. I doubt we will get a tonne of honey this year.I needed to be into the hives to see what was happening. The bees are quite happy for me to look in on a warm day as they are too busy to bother about me as they are bringing the nectar back to feed the young in the hive. I managed to take a few photos but with a veil on and my gloves and suit it didnt give me much room to move about. I tried to take a "selfie" but I missed totally. We have 5 hives 4 are in a field here and one over on the main farm. We will not be eating any honey from them this year I doubt as they are busy getting established. My guests thought it was a spaceman coming through the gate. A relation is joining them tomorrow and he keeps bees so we are going to get him to take a look at them as I have spent ages looking for the queen. Talk about a needle in a haystack it is the queen in the beehive I can't find