Friday 13 October 2017

On our doorstep -the Black Swan at Oldstead

Brilliant - amazing news, can't believe it has happened so near to us. The Black Swan in Oldstead is only 3 miles from us here at Carr House Farm. So what the Banks family must be making of it all I can't start to imagine.
I have known the Banks lads since they were young as their mum was in the same farm bed and breakfast group that I was in many years ago. They went to the White Swan in Ampleforth to earn pocket money when they were at school and lived on a farm but one, next to Jacks family farm home. Then their parents bought a pub ...and the rest is history. There has been TV for Tommy, retaining a Michelin star and now the biggest explosion ever.

No the gas cooker hasn't blown up - something far more exciting than that ... Trip Advisor has named the Black Swan in Oldstead as the Best Restaurant in the WORLD. Everyone in the area are so pleased for the family.
It will be interesting to see how this all evolves . We hope Tommy will not be wooed away to the bright lights of London too often.  It is a family business and they look to growing their own produce or indeed source from local suppliers to supply meat, game and cheese.
The lamb which has become so famous comes from Cams Head Farm which joins on to Oldstead Grange . It features on the cover of Tommy's Book which comes out next year.
When my son was bathing his little girls last night a phone message from Tommy - he would be wanting more venison- they must be getting busy ! I wonder how long it will be before my back garden beauties will be ending up on the plates in the Best Restaurant in the World .