Sunday 1 October 2017

The NEW Hotel Inspectors....

Dont need hotel inspectors when you have 3 glorious grandchildren.
For 90 minutes they made sure everything was up to scratch. Blinds went up and down at rapid speeds,curtains were pulled back and forth. Lights were switched on and off. Beds were not too hard -the jumping technique was used . Beds were crawled under - no dust there. Pillows didn't lose their feathers in pillow fights Every cupboard and drawer was opened. The teapot was tested with cold tea and sugar sachets then were poured in to cups and served to onlookers. The toilet rolls ran smoothly, the soap smell fine, the hand cream was even better. There was enough room in the showers to dance. Mirrors worked well as they admired themselves.
They charge a mini chocolate roll per inspection for Grannies and recommended that this should be a fortnightly event .
Can thoroughly recommend.