Wednesday 18 May 2022

The Best Views in England ...

We all think we have nice views, but I reckon we are up with some of the best. I am not up early, like Jack is, every morning. This morning the little birds were singing their hearts out and it was pleasantly warm. I wanted to get some work down before it turned into what was forecast the hottest day so far of the year. It was 9 degrees already at 4.30am. Although the lilac has taken a beating with the last couple of evenings heavy showers of rain, the air was filled with perfume from the lilac tree. It must be a good year for both that and wisteria as you dont have to go far to see the houses clad in lilac ,delicate lilac each bloom made up of so many confetti like little heads together. The moon was still out and moving over Craykeland, a local bluebell wood which our farmland surrounds. Looking East over the Moors as if the sun was waking up rising from the sea. It is okay taking photos but nothing beats looking at it with the naked eye. As I came down Wass Bank the morning was truly waking up. After the rain with everything refreshed the colours were amazing. I am sure an artist would have been delighted in being able to capture that. My favourite colours are blues and greens so I was in my element. We are surrounded by woods so you could take a hundred photgraphs and still want to take more of the sun shining through the trees and the shadows it casts. So how about coming to stay with us and getting up early to see it all for yourself. Pack up your breakfast and take it with you. Maybe if you are quiet and stay still for a while you may see fairies. This morning but I did find some of their scarlet cups on a mossy branch. Whether the fairies drink the dew out of the cups or pick them up and carry them to the stream they were not about to tell me this morning.
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