Thursday 24 June 2010

The Hare at Scawton ....

is where we went for supper as my treat to not cooking at home on my birthday . I just love everything about the place.The quaintness of the building, the ambiance,the friendliness of the staff and the food......... The countryside at its greenest looking its best . A hare soaking up the power of the sun as we went up lounging about in a meadow with out a care in the world. Some young curlew foraging for food with their strange long beaks and a couple of deer grazing within a few foot of the main road.
Back to the food -spoilt for choice- decisions,decisions- . I started with king scallops with a prawn risotto . Geoff makes the best risotto I have ever tasted I will have raved about them on previous blogs. Jack went for smoked salmon and prawns which he thoroughly enjoyed even though I told him there was some smoked salmon open in the fridge at home as someone had chosen it for breakfast that day and there was half a packet left. We shared the Chateaubriand which was excellent. It was the first time we had eaten this and it certainly wont be the last. There was even a piece spare that I brought home for my Dad as he cant have things with fat in so I didnt bother making a birthday cake,the meat was a far better option. Thank you everyone for making my birthday a really lovely day and My Dad for the sweetpeas.