Friday 13 August 2010

Field Mushrooms and Cheese

Nothing taste better but it is rarely you can find them these days .Jack went with his brother Frank the other day to look at his cattle and came back with a wonderful amount of mushrooms. So talk about having them for breakfast ,lunch and supper. Fried for breakfast ,soup for lunch and save the best for supper which I made into a risotto. We have had quite a drop of rain over this last couple of days so I guess this will make them grow even more. Jack has promised to go down in the morning to get me some more. It will be supper at home tomorrow night and mushroom risotto will be on the menu- just let me know when you will be arriving.
I have got some really delicious Parmesan from Ryedale cheese-mongers. Nigel Seymour and Cathy Leete- she's Mrs Seymour now,who is Bobby Leete the blacksmith's sister.who I have known since they were children grew up around Helmsley and have now taken up the cheese stall in Helmsley market on Fridays. They certainly know their cheeses and I call most weeks as they have some of the best cheeses I have come across including the Old Amsterdam which is first class.They sell eggs,cream and yogurts too. It is so nice to have local people looking after you as besides selling their wares you can catch up on the village news,get tips on all sorts of subjects. Last week I had a stye coming on my eye -Rub your gold ring on it they both repeat in unison and what was more it worked. They are such a lovely couple and deserve to do well. They also offer a service of supply platter of cheese for dinner parties.