Sunday, 29 August 2010

Marcus Wareing's Vanilla pickled vegetables and BOOKS

I was given this incredible book Nutmeg and Custard written by Marcus Wareing. It is not only a great read- I read cookery books like Jack reads The Shooting Times- it has some really good and easy to follow recipes. Recipes that you think why didn't I think of that. So while I am waiting for the vinegar and the spices and seasoning to boil I thought I would come to my blog to tell you to buy this super book and of a few others.
I went to the other day in Helmsley Town hall . Book sale- yes, I thought I would take a look as I had ten minutes to spare, well seven really but it led to I was drawn into this Aladdin's Cave of books. You must read from their website- when the dates they are selling in the area. Stock up for Christmas .birthdays and for those times when you need a book.Cheaper to buy than a Sunday newspaper the one you can use to light the fire with for the rest of the week. Why you may think do I want to write about a book sale. You go to the sale choose your books,they take your money and off you trot. The helpful man,as I was short of time I had to keep dashing to him to ask where I would find certain books, who took my money not only gave me a book mark with 3 good pictures of Whitby on with the dates of his coming sale, he politely asked me why I had bought what I had .You can tell books are his passion not just a money making venture to him. After I read the website I felt quite humble, Nigel and Louise obviously have their hands full with their children and made the move to come to the countryside to give them a better life. They work very hard and run their business from their home in Glaisdale, despite their family circumstances. They also have on-line sales for those of you unable to get to their bargain sales.
If you at Hutton-le- Hole on the 4/5 September no doubt you will see me staggering out of the Village Hall with some more wonderful books.