Friday, 13 August 2010

Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown

Well not quite ...We are having a log burning stove put in our living room -Jack is full of good ideas and as he chops the wood he has the say. The fireplace has come out and there is now a great hole in the wall and the builder is going on holiday. With it being a very old house most of the walls are 2 foot thick and I was quite excited at the idea of when the fireplace came out we may find a really old one like we did in the dining room .The wall was in fact 4 inches deep and we could see daylight through in parts and further up the cracks were so wide you could get your hand through. And this was an outside wall. But I have faith in the builder,Phil Nicholls, who has reinforced the wall and put huge planks of concrete in and me talk pins through. We have some very nice old clamp hand made bricks from Alne brick works and I will have to be going round the farm to find a piece of old oak to act as a mantle shelf.
Jack has been on the grouse moors for the last two days so I have held the fort at home and being in charge of the puppies. As they get feed quite a few times during the day and need a walk out it is quite time consuming. Also I took the adult dogs out and they so enjoying running round the field. Snowflake and Snowball go like lightening trying to catch the swallows skimming low over the field .I wish I had their energy.