Tuesday 31 May 2011

Dotty puppies

Seem a long time since I have written my blog .Sorry folks but it has been busy here -Exhibition weekend at Ampleforth College brought parents from all over the globe. And then Daisy has had her puppies. Little dotty ones. In colour that is . Daisy kept us on our toes as she was 5 days late and finally in the early hours of Sunday morning she gave birth to 7. Both boys and girls in a range of colours. The white ones with coloured dots on will eventually go roan. Mother and puppies are doing fine. Jack and I are exhausted.To get over it we went down to the White Swan for our suppers and had the best steak we have had for a long time. We are so lucky to have this pub on our doorstep. All the visitors have gone down there to eat tonight as it is only a mile away