Thursday 19 May 2011

The sheep in the meadows...

and so are the cows. Silly isn't it what we learn in nursery rhymes. Little Boy Blue had his sheep in the meadows but his cows were in the corn.It would be "Quick get the vet out -the cows are blowing up". We would be very worried if the cows were in the corn. As green corn makes lots of inescapable gas and virtually the cattle would blow up. As a child I have seen the vet

stick a knife straight into the side up the cow and deflate it like a balloon. Happily from the photos you will see ours are in a lovely field of grass with sweet buttercups. I wonder how many children today play as we did as children. We used to hold a buttercup under our chins in the sunshine and if our skin looked yellow you liked butter too. Far better than computer games.