Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Dad wins the Burtt cup for the best vegetables

Last Saturday it was the 65th Wass show. My dad has entered his garden produce there since it first started. I remember as a child it was always a last minute rush and chaos. I was busy doing breakfast so Jack had the task to get my Dad and his entries to the show. True to form Jack had to go back to the farm as they had forgotten to pick up the cabbage. I went down when the show opened in the afternoon as my Dad was eager to see what he had won.He really didn't have time to go ,as at 88 and three quarters, he was busy in the hay field. He had won 4 first prizes. -tomatoes,shallots,lettuce and a plate of 4 vegetables. and was the outright winner in the vegetable section.His rose was not far enough out. He knew he didn't stand a chance against Mrs Gilruths leeks and his potatoes were too big. Everyone was so pleased for him. I was ordered to go back to pick him up so he could receive his cup in person. He doesn't like the photo as he says it looks as if he hasn't any teeth . He is proud of his teeth as they are all his own.As this is the only photo I had so he will have to grin,-toothless looking or not,and bare it. So now I can offer my guests not just award winning tomatoes but first prize ones