Thursday, 21 July 2011

Treats in Harrogate

I have always said Harrogate was where mothers went to buy hats for weddings. It is that sort of place. This week I managed to escape for a few hours.I promised myself to go to the Turkish baths. Since it reopened in 2004 I thought my visit was long over due. Apparently it is only one of 7 in the country and is the most popular. I was there on Tuesday afternoon.There was a lady from Helmsley only 6 miles from me who's shop I know with her friend. A mother who had taken her daughter and 10 of her schoolmates to celebrate her 18th birthday, A lady who taught Mandarin from Kent- so a mixed bunch in all. I loved the heat.The cold pool didn't do much for me as I didn't venture in further than my knees. But I soon started to fidget I am not used to doing nothing. Some had taken books to read. I am glad I went but I am afraid it isn't really for me.There is a "massage parlour" too well a beauty type affair. I am quite happy to slap a bit of nail varnish on my own toes - Thank you and as for finger nails I have work hands. I much prefer to be outside in my own little hot tub up in the woods.Here I can watch butterflies and birds.The only thing is Betty's isn't at the end of the road and it is raid the fridge and make my own if I stay at home.Betty's looked lovely decked with hanging baskets and as I past at lunchtime people were queueing to get in. A right holiday treat.