Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thirsk- hometown of James Herriot

It was Alf Wight the local vet better known as James Herriot who put Thirsk on the map.As a child I went to the dentist here. It was right next to the vets surgery which is now the James Herriot Museum. Sometimes I do my shopping here as it is only 10 minutes down the road from home. I often write about the places we go to eat at. About 4 times a year we get a take away ,or a sit down banquet, from Hung Moey - I wonder if translated it means Hungry Me. You certainly aren't that when you come out. They have a sit down restaurant as well as a take away. It has been there "forever". When it first opened the Chinese people who run it used to come around the local farm to buy ducks and chicken. I suppose this would be my introduction to foreign people as 50 plus years ago it was rare we ever saw anyone who was from outside Yorkshire let along another country. Another place I like to go is Thirsk Library. Just about the right size. Not too big that you spend all day deciding which books to get and not too small so you don't have a choice. They always have lovely flower boxes at the front. It is very accessible as they also have a car park. We should use our libraries more often as like with our Post Offices -if we don't use them we will lose them