Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rubi-Sue and her baking

Rubi-Sue looks as if she is going to give the Nigella Lawsons and Juliet Sears a run for their money. Not only does Rubi like eating cakes, she is a dab hand at making them to . At the grand old age of 2years and 7 months she loves to bake. She helps to weigh the ingredients ,mixes them all by herself and spoons them into the cases. Her mum or dad puts them in the oven. When they were ready for icing she put that on herself and sprinkles the fairy pieces on too .Here you see soon she sent us. They were nice and light even Jack was impressed and said he didn't get indigestion.I rang up to thank her for them and left a message asking if that was Rubi-Sue's Bakery.