Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sandsend and the car wash

I do love to go to Sandsend just above Whitby. Ideal to take the children,fly a kite on the beach ,paddle in the rock pools. Better still there are no amusements to spend money on and the parking is free. The sea was quite rough when I was there the other day but I had a thick coat on and my wellies and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had been to a meeting nearby.
which was quite intense, so it was nice to blow the cobwebs away. I went armed with a bag and collected. as per usual, an amount of seaweed and some pebbles.One of these days I will find some treasure that has been carried from some foreign shore by the tide. Another good thing is that on the way to Sandsend in Whitby there is Four Lanes garage which have the best car wash I know. There is an attendant that gives your car the once over clean before you go through the wash.