Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Treats from Bettys-

Bettys in Northallerton tea rooms is basking in the glory of being the very best tearoom in Great Britain. It has won the Tea Guide.s prestigious award of the Top Tea place for 2012. It is the highest accolade in the Tea World. And it serves 54.000 pots of tea a year. It is only half an hour from here and parking is easy so this is on the must do list of many of my guests.Forgive me if I will not be joining you for a cup of tea though, I hate the stuff.Cant even bear the smell of it,give me a glass of water any day. I do go in as they have wonderful Easter eggs as you will see in this window display and yummy cakes and tasty sandwiches.Biscuits are teh buttery sort that melt in your mouth. Bettys is rather an institute which I am lucky to have grown up with -minus the tea of course.