Saturday 21 March 2020

Breakfast to try to fend off Coronavirus

Coming to terms with not cooking breakfast for our guests which is a "proper tuck in " . Sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and grandads home grown tomatoes .  As we all are told how to protect ourselves against the virus . I have fore gone the bacon sandwich or the spare bit of scrambled egg on toast leftover from guests.

A few years ago we had lots of bee hives ..but as they take a dislike to me ..we no longer have lots and are down to our last store of honey. So breakfast for me now is hot lemon and a small amount of honey and then some butter and honey and toast... I have to say it that way around as you can see my spreading techniques .

I normally only drink cold water ...we are lucky our comes form a spring but it still comes out off the tap . Last year I made bottle and bottles of elderflower cordial . I wasted the first few bottles or at least I got through it so quickly as I didn't know it had to be diluted ...a bit like Jack when he drank a whole bottle of Pimms  at a friends house and thought it was like wine and didn't realise it had to be diluted with ginger ale or lemonade... he went rather red round the gills.

I have never drunk hot drinks but understand it is better to drink hot drink every 20 minutes so I constantly drink elderflower cordial diluted with hot water . Hopefully it won't be too long before I am making it again .