Thursday 19 March 2020

Dedicated to my Dear little Friend, Florence

My blog tonight is dedicated to a little girl who I love .Her name is Florence and  strangely although I have never met her, have followed her life since before she was born.

She is truly an amazing little girl, her smile lights up the room. and every time I see a photo of her she makes me smile . Last night I heard from her mummy that she was trying to explain things to Florence.

This is what Florence's mummy wrote..... I was trying to explain to Florence what was going on and tonight, totally randomly as I put her to bed, she stood on her bed and drew the curtains back of her bedroom window. She called out ‘night night world!’ and blew a kiss out of the window. It was the sweetest thing ever and I totally welled up.
So to everyone reading this, and following our 2 year old daughter’s example, we wish you all so much love in these unpredictable and unprecedented times. ‘Night night world!’ 

A little girl 2 years old ....we should all take on her example.  So I searched out one of these lovely paintings from and hope she likes . This is the unique artwork by Naomi Horner. Personalised for special occasions. Buy original drawings, prints, notebooks and greetings cards. . You might like to support Naomi who says am based in a little seaside town called Whitehead, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is here that I work from my home studio.

My Painted Bear is made up of a number of characters. Starting with ‘Teddy', I like to think of him as the leader.  He’s very wise and full of knowledge. He’s trustworthy and always has good advice for the others. The ‘Bunny’ is very flamboyant and colourful. She likes to challenge herself to constantly grow and evolve. She's carefree and considerate. Then there is the ‘Mouse’. He’s the brave one. Although he is small, he is fearless and, more importantly, he is completely at peace in his strong faith. Together they tell a story of hope.

Sweet Dreams Florence,
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