Wednesday 20 October 2010

Another back to school day......

This time it was held at the Best Western's Forest and Vale in Pickering. Arranged by the Yorkshire Tourist Board before all the funds dry up. Dee Marshall, as usual gave a first class presentation on PR and marketing strategies followed by a young lady who loves to twitter called Kristal Ireland. It was nice to see David Shields there and Craig who are always at the end of the phone should I have a query and thanks to Sarah Borrrowby for getting us all together. It was a very intense couple of hours and so I am now back to the computer in earnest to make a Facebook entry for Carr House Farm Bed and Breakfast.Please join as its friend. I thought I had uploaded lots of photos for you to see but they have disappeared into orbit somewhere, so hopefully they will come back and landing my account sooner rather than latter.
There was a definite nip in the air this morning as we had our first frost so it is time to pair all my odd socks up so my feet will be nice and warm.That is a mammoth taste in its self . The other mammoth taste of redecorating has finally finished - all the outside paintwork has been done along with bedrooms,bathrooms and staircase and the kitchen and other bits and pieces I have found along the way and Joe the painter will soon be off on his holidays- well deserved ones at that.