Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halloween Pumpkin cat for Rubi-Sue

When I was a child there was very rarely anything as exotic as a pumpkin about. So we used to go into the field and my Dad would get me a turnip. It was such hard work trying to take the middle out and by the time it was done there was array of bent spoons,knives and potato peelers, not to mention huge blisters and cut fingers. If children did those things now a days the parents would be locked up for putting their children in such danger
Rubi-Sue who turned one in September is now walking and saying a few words one of which is Molly,who is the cat. She obviously likes the cat so I set to work today to make her a pumpkin cat . I hope she likes her Narni's handwork and it isn't too scary for her and she realises it is a cat. SO armed with lots of candles to go inside I hope she enjoys her Halloween cat.