Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ladies who Middlethorpe Hall.

Here you see my dear friends Christine Ryder from Scaife Hall Farm and Katrina Gray from the Wold Cottage in the elegant drawing room before we were called to lunch today at Middlethorpe Hall,Bishopthorpe just outside York. We had a wonderful lunch of elegant sufficiency, as my mum would say, which lasted nearly 4 hours -so you can see we put the world to rights. We all have bed and breakfast places and Katrina has self catering too. One of us is hosting Status Quo when they are visiting the area at a later date. -how exciting. The waiters,who were from Cannes, were very charming and let us sit at the table way after the other diners had departed. It was a most enjoyable time and we vow to do it again as Christine said -save me from a day in the lambing sheds and we cant let her down.