Friday 19 November 2010

Rubi-Sue's new old chair

Rubi-Sue came with her Mummy this afternoon. Great Granny Ruby found out a little chair we have all sat on over the years which had belonged to Rubi great great granny. She was happy to perch in it and could get out of it by herself but had to be lifted on to the seat. She still has a nasty cough but she was more up for playing today and took amusement from hiding under the table cloth than her toys and teasing GG George by nearly handing over toys then not letting him have them. When she coughs she even put her hand over her mouth. It amazes me and although I can remember lots of things Nicholas did when he was young I think children are far more "switched on" these day.The rate she is going she will be a good help working out all the mod cons for me -like when I was staying at the Missoni the other night it was far too high tech for me.Good job we changed from £s,shillings and pence when I was at school.She went for her first day to school at Terrington Hall Prep nursery this week but will not be able to start full time until she is 2.Time goes by so quickly it doesn't seem two minutes since she was born.